Why Jenny becomes Jenny?

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摘要:Jenny, the true love of Forrest Gump, was kind of a rebellious andstylish girl. She spent most of her life pursuing freedom and her dream,and finally died of the virus of HIV.   太阳成集团,     Jenny was a girl who had her own

Jenny, the true love of Forrest Gump, was kind of a rebellious and stylish girl. She spent most of her life pursuing freedom and her dream, and finally died of the virus of HIV.

太阳成集团,     Jenny was a girl who had her own idea and her pursuit. She dreamed to be a famous singer like Joan Baez. She wanted to “reach people on the personal level”. Perhaps influenced by Joan Baez, she loved freedom and didn’t want to be trapped by anything. She associated with those who fought for civil rights,and against the war of Vietnam. She moved from one place to another, to sing in the bar, on the street, and lived as a travelling player.

However, she was confused, and could not find her inner peace. She took drugs, and nearly killed herself on the New Year Eve. One day, she felt tired and went back to Forrest. But only for a few days, she ran away. (I still don’t know why she left this time. Perhaps she thought Forrest deserved a bettergirl, or she didn’t give up her dream even that time? )

Then, she became a mother. Maybe little Forrest was the reason that made Jenny settle down, or it was just the timing for her to become atraditional woman and mother, I was happy when Jenny and Forrest were reunited, for Jenny, and for Forrest. However, she got infected with an unknown virus (HIV I suppose) unfortunately, and nothing could do with it.

Finally, Jenny asked Forrest to marry her. It was the most beautiful time of Jenny. She made her peace with her god, just like Lieutenant Dan did after the storm in the sea. It may also be the happiest time in her life, with someone who loved her and someone she loved. This happiness didn’t last long nevertheless,Jenny passed away soon on a Saturday morning.


I was quite confused why Jenny lived her life in that way when I first saw this movie about 9 years ago. I had a better understanding to this character till recent years and thought a lot of the deep reasons of her behavior that leads to her tragedy.

According to Freud, one person’s behavior is determined by his characteristic, which is largely determined by all complex experience during his childhood. To find the reason of Jenny’s behavior, we should keep an eye on her childhood experience.

Jenny’s mother left her and her father when she was only five years old. Maternal deprivation might have a great impact on her growth. However,the even greater hurt may come from her father. At the beginning of the movie,Forrest recalled that Jenny did not want to go home and always stayed with him till very late. He also said Jenny’s father always kissed and touched her and her sister. I thought Jenny’s father did something bad to her and this experience influenced Jenny’s whole life. Even more than 20 years later, Jenny still hated her father and threw her shoes and rocks towards her father’s cabin just like she was mad. I think this may be the original reason that directly relates to Jenny’s behavior in the future and causes the tragedy of her life.

Luckily, she didn’t need to live with her father one day but with her grandmother. I think her grandmother didn’t show her much love either,for she often sneaked out to Forrest’s home. In her growth phase, little Jenny received a lot of hurt from her family, instead of love thus leading to her rebel.

      Once when Jenny was young, she ran to a field with Forrest and prayed to the god to turn her into a bird and fly far away. However, it didn’t come true, just like her dream.

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